Thanks for your support.

At last night’s Parish Council meeting the following items were discussed and Cllrs agreed that they should go immediately onto the blog prior to publication of the minutes.

Very many thanks to the Whittington in Bloom volunteers (more than 30 of you) who planted 11,500 spring bulbs around the village on 11 designated sites on 3 weekends, including 250 crocus bulbs in the Churchyard.

Thank you also goes to Mike Barr for his continued voluntary effort to paint the railings on the B6254, it is hoped that next year more volunteers will form a working party for this ‘Forth Bridge’ task.

Cllrs are requesting ideas from parishioners for future village projects that require funding from Parish Council precept eg: hiring equipment for a proposed village sports day event in summer 2020. Answers on a postcard please to any Councillor. (Or comment on this Blog if you prefer and I will pass all comments on the Gillian for circulation among Councillors [JK})

Gillian Newton
Clerk to Whittington Parish Council

Colin Hall – Chairman of our Parish Council, adds his own comments.
At last Monday’s meeting, it was agreed that now PC has a relatively healthy bank balance it would ask, via the blog, if any residents would like to come forward with any sensible suggestions as to how we could allocate, say up to £1,000, to improve the Village. I’m sure you’ll agree many of the past year’s successful activities have either been self-funded or carried out on a voluntary basis thereby contributing to this modest surplus so the PC thought it would give residents an opportunity to have their say.

Incidentally, this is quite separate to the S137 funding (charitable donations) already ring fenced for this year (this as you know includes Air Ambulance, Poppy Appeal, Toddlers Group et al )

I will ask Malcolm, assuming we are comfortable with DPA regs, to do the same with the information he now holds so most people are aware of this funding


Colin Hall – Chairman Whittington PC.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for your support.”

  1. Since we first moved to Whittington there seems to have been a gradual deterioration in the “love and care” needed to maintain our village.

    Recently there have been significant improvements in the general condition of the Parish and we should be grateful to everyone who has contributed to the work which has been done by volunteers, in particular to Caroline and Mike for their organisation and stalwart efforts.


  2. Caroline, in particular, has demonstrated what a little (OK, more than just a little) get up and go can inject into a community.

    Ably supported by that big bloke with the ripped Santa Pants, she, he and they have rejuvenated aspects of our village life that I, for one, would not have anticipated.

    Then add Mike Barr to this activity list and you realise that here is also someone you can Bank on to paint our outlook in golden hues.

    But we must also throw in the Annual Litter Picking and Festival Beacons, Harvest Suppers and BBQ’s, with accompanying fund raising, and gradually you see a lack of planning coming together as a plan.

    I remember the time, not long ago, when the headlines attached to every publicised village event were the words “And a Raffle Will be Held”!!

    These words have been replaced with words like, “Meet at the Village Hall at 11:00 am on Saturday, bring your own rubber gloves.”

    Very, very many thanks to all those who are doing what those of us less physically able, should have done some years ago.

  3. Directed toward the question of how we might best invest some PC funds in the Village; I think Whittington deserves a heart transplant!
    Having lost the Dragons Head(?), I think we ought to spend some time and money into making the Village Hall Bar a place we’d be happy to pass some time in.
    A carpet, some new paint, decent lighting, comfortable seating and a refurbished bar would do wonders for the Village’s self esteem and reflect the new heart and self belief we seem to have rediscovered.

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