The Final Solution

The whole question of dog poo is kicking off quite a stink, and has been for a couple of years.  It occurs to me that there is one simple solution, which has three elements:

  1. The PC issue a Local Bye-Law prohibiting dogs from using the public right of way located between the Old School and the bungalow.
  2. The PPC ban all dogs from the Churchyard and Graveyard.
  3. Lord Reay bans all dogs from the Long Walk.

This would force all dog walkers to use only the public footpaths.

If footpath fouling persists then CCTV cameras, mounted on cooperating houses, are now so cheap that the village footpaths could be monitored 24 hours a day, and the tapes collected via broadband to be checked by one of the many villagers with more than enough time on their hands.

Just a thought!

John Keegan

8 thoughts on “The Final Solution”

  1. perhaps an alternative that would please everyone would be to invest a little money into 2-3 allocated bins for dog poo. some of the dog waste that is left is left by walkers through whittington from Kirkby, and they don’t want to carry their dog poo with them – a simple solution being bins. just an idea that wouldn’t be so drastic and punishing upon the villagers who abide by the rules and enjoy walking their dogs in the places around whittington.

    1. It amazes me just how many people believe it’s their right to allow their dogs to use public places as dog’s toilets. Even those dog owners who carry poo bags leave behind dog slime on the grass or the pavement which is a risk to public health. Dogs should not be allowed in the churchyard it’s simple.
      Some of you may recall that I had a run in with a ‘gentleman’ and his dog in the churchyard, well you will be pleased to know that he has been located, we will be in the village on Sunday and I’m sure one of my sons will need the loo as we walk around the village…………….

    2. Additional bins were discussed at a PC Meeting. It was reported that they cost £375 + VAT each, including installation, emptying and annual maintenance.
      There are also issues about where they can be placed and the amount of space around them to accommodate both pedestrians and prams etc.
      The PC ruled them out.

      1. Red 50 Litre Plastic Waste Bin High Quality with Flap Lid by Wham- Amazon for £11. It’s not necessary to spend ridiculous amounts of money just because it has to be purchased through the PC.

  2. Hi all,
    Well the saga goes on. As a dog owner I do not believe it is a right for my dog to “poo” in a public place. Our dogs are part of our family and as clever as they are I can’t get them to use our toilet! We walk miles with our dogs we clean up after them as best we can. We actually carry it for miles and put it in our bin to dispose of it. It isn’t only dogs that toilet, we have a horrendous problem with cats and crows, not to mentions lots of other animals, slurry on the road. Horse manure which I pick up for the garden! We live in the country with lots of visitors who bring their money and dogs to the area. If you clean up as best you can then that’s as good as it will get.
    Misses R

  3. Revenge has finally been served! Some may remember me posting about a villager who let his lab use the churchyard as a loo and refused to clean it up. Well, after lunch on Sunday I walked around the village with my sons and as we reached a particular house it the village they both needed to pee (children will be children) and were able to utilise said ‘gentleman’s’ potted plant and gate. He need not worry it will soon dry up .

  4. Unfortunately Minute 1352 of the 18 September meeting does not make the commitment that the item on the PC’s website, mentioned above, suggests.

    The PC did not vote to spend any money. They only said that Colin Hall would contact an alternative supplier and that Simon Raistrick has offered to empty a bin if one is purchased.

    They did not say that there are funds remaining in the current year budget, or if they would include the item in next years budget.

    As I don’t walk a dog I don’t know where the problem of dog faeces occur. I do know that the references that I have heard of have involved the churchyard rather than the Long Walk. Indeed at the meeting of the 15 May the PC said that a bin could not be positioned on the Long Walk because. as Chairman Eric Pelter stated “and you wouldn’t be able to have them on the Long Walk because of the space restriction, and it’s private ground anyway”. At that time the alternative location was stated to be Church Street.

    I have a transcription of the words spoken at that meeting if anyone is in doubt.

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