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House Rules

All original Posts and Comments on this Blog are moderated.  This means that the Site Administrator checks both Posts and Comments to ensure that they are in keeping with the House Rules.  Those rules are as follows:

“At all times please respect the views and opinions of other users  and refrain from using offensive or vulgar language. Any member found to be in breach of these guidelines will be blocked.

This Network is not to be used for the “Naming and Shaming” of individuals, any comments or posts relating to this will be removed.  All references to other people should be made in a respectful manner, even when being critical of them.

Although the Blog is intend for matters about Whittington and the wider Lune Valley please feel free to Blog on any matter that you feel would be of interest, bearing the House Rules in mind.

Our aim is to encourage debate. Well argued, even if controversial, items are always welcome.

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