There’s a Dog in them there Hills

If it was Halloween I would be inclined to dismiss this frightening apparition as kids seeking Trick or Treat.

However, Halloween has come and gone. Indeed if the photographic image had not been provided by a reputable source (Caroline Raistrick, they don’t come more reputable than that) I would have suspected a prank.

I have taken the sensible decision not to go fell walking until Gamekeeper Raggie has declared the fells safe for humankind.

John Keegan

One thought on “There’s a Dog in them there Hills”

  1. Never mind a dog in them hills!

    A plea to the village, there is an increase in dog poo around the village, don’t know why., however totally unacceptable. Please pick it up!

    My husband empties the Village dog bin so I do not expect to walk outside my gate to be faced with a parcel of someone else’s dogs left overs.

    I will find out who they are and woe be tide the wrath of my tongue and I will report to the environmental agency having picked it up and deposited outside your door!

    Misses R

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