Vehicle Speed through Whittington

At the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 30 April the question of traffic speed in the village was raised, once again.  During the course of the discussion the PC Chairman, Eric Pelter, said that the question of a 20mph speed limit had been considered in the past and the PC had been advised that we do not qualify.

Having seen this referred to in the PC minutes some years ago I undertook to trawl all references to the question of speeding that had appeared in our PC Minutes.  Below you will see a list of the 24 instances, over the last 12 years.  The specific reference to a 20mph speed limit is in Minute 970, in the meeting of the 05 May 2010.


696 – POLICE REPORT: Traffic accidents remained level at 6 per year although this year saw a fatality at Newton. Signs and ‘centre line hazard markings’ have been put in place as a result of this. The road surface has yet to be replaced. Clerk will contact Highways Dept. to ask whether a date has been agreed for this.


705 – POLICE REPORT: PC. Winder introduced the new PACT (police And Community Together) initiative; every month he will speak with a group of representatives from the villages on his patch to discuss topics and issues of concern and highlight priorities for the month. If speeding were the priority he would alert the traffic section which would then target the area. Cllr .Eric Pelter is his contact in Whittington.


719 – POLICE REPORT:  After a report of speeding in Newton  P.C. Winder warned the driver of possible consequences.


745 – CORRESPONDENCE. Some traffic travels at speed and residents of Church Street fear that accidents will occur.


757 – POLICE REPORT: Councillors reported an increase in speeding through Newton, combined with dangerous overtaking. PC.Winder will follow this up.


764 – POLICE REPORT: The priorities suggested for PACT this month were speeding and the use of mobile phones while driving.


788 – POLICE REPORT: Speed Indication Devices (SPID) were explained and discussed.


794 – CORRESPONDENCE: Councillors discussed a letter received suggesting that several parishes share SPID. The devices are very expensive (£7,00 for one at each end of a village). The clerk was asked to write to Cllr. Airey to ask what funding could be made available to small rural parishes to help them purchase the traffic safety devices.


819 – PC Winder reported only minor incidents in the parish since the last meeting. There was some discussion on the problem of accidents due to speeding.


836 – POLICE REPORT: She will also contact schools to warn of the hazards of speeding on the B6254.


844 – POLICE REPORT: PCSO Hoover had approached QES about pupils speeding en route to school. The Headteacher is happy to work with the police to alert young drivers of the danger.


852 – POLICE REPORT: The council passed on the concerns of residents about the number and speed of some of the wide loads passing along the B5264. Work on the pipeline, which is the cause of this traffic will soon be finished.


860 – POLICE REPORT: PC Knowles and her colleague conducted speed surveys in the village in October and warned 3 drivers about excessive speed. Funding for a hand held speed gun for use in this area has been applied for.


868 – POLICE REPORT: PC Knowles gave a written report which showed the results of a seven day traffic survey done in November showing the total number of vehicles travelling through Whittington and their mean speed. Only 5 readings gave a mean sped over the 30mph limit, at times when there was very little traffic. The highest of these was 32.8mph. These figures back up PC Knowles observations that traffic generally observes the speed limit. The police will continue to monitor traffic speed through the village, which will be assessed for the use of Speed Indicator Devices.


941 – POLICE REPORT: Less antisocial driving in the village has been reported. Drivers of cars reported to the police have been contacted. The public is asked to continue to report any details of further nuisance. P.C. Humphrey carried out speed monitoring in Whittington in late July and found no vehicles driving over 30 mph at the time.  The clerk brought the attention of PCSO. Hoover to the article in Wagtail about speeding through Newton. She will follow it up. Clerk will enquire about the possibility of a ‘Golden River’ check where 24 hour monitoring of speed is made. The police will continue with their occasional speed monitoring.


948 – POLICE REPORT:  Less antisocial driving in the village has been reported. Drivers of cars reported to the police have been contacted. The public is asked to continue to report any details of further nuisance.

949 – MATTERS ARISING. The survey on speeding at Newton was completed. During the week the average speed of vehicles in both directions was approx. 40mph. 2 North bound and 5 South bound vehicles exceeded the speed at which the Association of Chief Police Officers recommend enforcement. The survey of the accidents on B6254 is continuing and the Parish Council will receive the report.


970 – OTHER MATTERS. The possibility of a 20mph limit through the village was raised. It has been requested in the past, to no avail.


1112 – OTHER MATTERS: PACT speeding traffic at 2am down Hosticle Lane and through the village.


1138 – PACT REPORT. 3 calls to report crimes or incidents were made. Priorities is the level of speeding through the village.


1219 – BUSINESS INTRODUCED BY COUNCILLORS: Cllr Atkinson reported increase of speeding vehicles through the village, some drivers on their phone also. PACT advice is to report the registration number, date, time and location for a Police Officer to advise the driver on their driving skills. Clerk to contact QES, PACT, Lancaster City and Lancashire County Council.


1223 – MATTERS ARISING:  Traffic speed through village: speed strips fitted on highway by Crosslands; acknowledgement from QES that students are regularly reminded of the legislation regarding travelling to and from school.


1230 – Clerk’s Repor: Lancashire County Council are currently putting together a bid to the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety for signage that may be used to encourage motorists to decrease their speed.


1246 – Clerk’s: Vehicle speed through village; proposal to participate with Arkholme and Gressingham PC’s towards a WAGtail SpID Speed Indicator Device similar to that at Over & Nether Kellet.


1262 – Clerk’s Report:  Lancashire County Council’s Road & Transport Safety Department Technical Support Officer Alan Cox met with Whittington, Arkholme and Gressingham’s Parish Councillors to discuss a Speed Indicator Device.

John Keegan

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