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What do You Get From This Blog?

John tells me that there is a significant audience which reads his blog, sadly only a few readers take the opportunity to comment.

Some people are aware that Wagtail deals with Parish communication, but while Wagtail is an excellent newsletter it is a Church magazine and covers areas outside Whittington and is therefore not a suitable publication for discussing issues of interest to residents of the civil parish.

So this means that John’s blog is the only form of communication open to everyone in the Parish, and outside if they wish to comment.

If you are concerned about any issue in the Parish or have views on someone else’s post don’t hesitate to air your views through the blog – whether or not you agree. In this way we will secure more participation and improve the nature and influence of the blog.

Graham Williams

One thought on “Village Communications”

  1. There are round about 25 visitors every day, or 150 each week, to this blog.

    Most people come, read anything new then leave without making a comment.

    The process of making a comment is very simple and if anyone would like to air their views, but doesn’t feel up to doing it themselves then email your observations to me at and I will add your thoughts to the blog.

    John Keegan

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