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I’ve only been recording the visitors to this Blog since the beginning of 2018. Frankly I have been astounded by the number of people who visit us. The Figures are:

Date Page
Jan-2018 1,275 524
Feb-2018 1,092 507
Mar-2018 1,623 774

I have to admit that among the Sessions there are up to 100 attempts every month, to spread “spam” on the site.  The software filter we use prevents this and I am able to filter the spam out without it appearing among the comments.  It does mean however that the figures for the number of sessions recorded can be as much as 100 overstated every month.

When you consider the circulation of Wagtail and the number of residents in Whittington  the visitors to these pages is quite exceptional – Thank you all.

John Keegan

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