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The following message from Colin Hall, Chairman of Whittington Parish Council, is self-explanatory. Can I encourage as many people as possible to respond by clicking on “LEAVE A COMMENT” above this message

Evening John and Jim

We’ve just had a PC meeting where the developers interested in Edwards land were present. They have as you may know, applied for outline planning permission with alterations to the original scheme, in particular to the play area ie. it’s been omitted but still want our support.

I have agreed to get soundings from residents within the next couple of days before committing PC in any way so do you mind putting something on your sites inviting comments in order that we can get an indication of what people feel on this.

Proposals are that the play area will be omitted, the scheme layout altered to accommodate garages for many units and the finish and design of the dwellings slightly modified.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Colin Hall

For those who haven’t seen the new details check out THIS LINK to an earlier posting on this Blog.

The scheme features 7 Affordable Houses and 12 Open Market Houses, together with a shop.

If anyone needs assistance to add their comments give me a call on 73052.

John Keegan

7 thoughts on “Vox Populi”

  1. I was never a fan of the play area. My view was that if village children accessed it, it could be a hazard, due to the lack of adequate pavements on approach.

    The new layout, and adding garages and a better balance of property types is to be commended from a commercial point of view.

    My one objection has always been that the site access is on one of the two most dangerous bends on Main street and the increased site traffic cannot do other than to increase the hazards to pedestrians and of driving in the village. This will exacerbate the problems due to the unwillingness of the relevant authorities to implement a 20 mph speed limit along Main Street.

    John Keegan

  2. Two observations:
    1. As John has said access will not be easy, or safe, particularly for pedestrians. Would it be possible to require a 20mph speed limit before permission is granted.
    2. If consent is granted there will be permissions for a total of about 30 new properties in the village with no indication of progress on any of the existing consents.

  3. Colin

    As regards the development, access to the site is and remains a major issue. The speed of vehicles on the Main Street is too fast and a problem waiting to happen. Pulling out onto the road from the development for home owners and shop customers will cause vehicles to rush and indeed add to the hazards along the street. This is in addition to the possibility of parked vehicles and in particular delivery vehicles along the main road again reducing line of site for other vehicles.

    The loss of the play area may be an issue for the saleability of the site as the children will not have anywhere to play given the size of the gardens shown on the plans. The home owners will have to cross the road to access the pavement and I assume that other villagers will endeavour to cross the road to access the new shop – I assume that this remains a condition – how is this going to be managed as it would currently be very dangerous especially if the shop proves to be a magnet for people picking up provisions and snacks.

    Notwithstanding whether the development progresses it would make sense for the Parish council to urgently request reduction of the traffic speed through the village by reduction to 20mph plus traffic calming measures. Other villages such as Burton in Lonsdale have this already in place we would not be an exception.

  4. I might be wrong about this (some chance of that) but Burton had a Primary School until 2014.

    I think that now, without a school, they would have little chance of getting permission for a 20mph limit.

    I’m not sure about traffic calming measures, but this has cropped up previously and there seemed little chance because speed readings taken by the Police and County found (virtually) that people drive at 30mph and less.

    That didn’t mean that they weren’t driving too fast for the conditions, simply that they weren’t breaking the law.

  5. John is sadly guilty of perpetuating a Parish myth which dates back some time and originated from our Parish Council. Apparently, there was a meeting some years ago between the Parish Council and someone in authority at which the issue of traffic through the village was discussed.

    Sadly, no-one thought to obtain or produce a written confirmation of who was present or what was discussed at this meeting.

    We are fortunate that the present Parish Council recognised the need for further discussions at County level and agreed that these should be formally requested. Strangely, no mention has been made of any progress, or lack thereof, at subsequent Parish Council meetings.

    The introduction of a 20mph speed limit is based on a number of factors, the presence of a school is one of these.

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