You may have heard, or read in the media, of the attempts by myself and John Keegan at reinstating our local bus service, through increasing public awareness.

We have studied the current timetable and believe that it is possible to reroute three buses a day through Whittington, Arkholme and Gressingham, in both directions.

We believe the changes we propose will have a minimal, or no, cost impact on Stagecoach.

To be successful we need “backsides on seats”, and to convince the bus operator that passenger numbers, on our side of the Lune, are achievable.  The survey carried out in November 2015, shows more than double the number of passengers claimed to use the service, on our side.  In addition, we have nearly half as many properties again when compared to the Melling side.

Unfortunately, Stagecoach refuse to release the actual passenger numbers, on the grounds that this is commercially sensitive.  We need to make the make them aware of public feeling in our villages.

Please, oh please, post a comment on this blog. Let the community know your feelings.

Duncan Foster.

4 thoughts on “Wagtail”

  1. Kirkby Resident, Joan May, just posted this comment on Facebook. Stagecoach are pi??ing people of across the board.

    “Stagecoach – words fail me. Utter garbage. Not only have you taken a large percentage of our buses off and ripping us off selling 7 day tickets with a 6 day service, only if travelling before 7.40pm of course. Tonight wasted over half an hour trying to buy a monthly ticket on line then a phone call to find it won’t work till Sunday when there is no service. Takes 48 hours before it will work !!!!!!”

  2. Duncan, yours and John’s efforts to raise the profile of our situation have been outstanding. I hope that the ‘powers in Preston’ are listening. Thank you.
    Throughout this process I have been pleased with City Cllr Williamsons efforts, but very disappointed with our County Cllr Susie Charles who has not even had the ‘time’ to respond to my emails.
    With this in mind, and the fact that the County Council elections are in May, I wondered if you had considered standing for County Council on the single issue of Rural Public Transport?

  3. The next county election is on 4 May 2017.

    At the 2016 election, Susie Charles polled 1,958 votes, which was 46% of those voting. However, the turnout was a miserable 35% of registered voters, with a total vote of 4,531 out of a possible 13,038.

    In the 2005 election, the total vote was 8,860, of which Susie Charles received 3,947, or 45%. I haven’t been able to find a breakdown of the results of the 2009 election.

    My experience of party politics, including ward, city, county and general elections, suggests to me that there is an inertia in Lancaster Rural East that is unlikely to be overturned by a single issue candidate opposing an established Conservative.

    My personal preference would be to make the neglect of rural areas, as evidenced by the withdrawal of the bus service, an issue which all candidates in the next election are pressured to address. And to which they feel they must make a commitment to put right.

    What we need is a campaign to this end (in my humble view).
    John Keegan.

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