Watch Your Neighbourhood


Please be vigilant, lock your cars and doors.

In the early hours of Monday morning at about 03:40 I was woken by our two dogs barking, they had been woken by noises outside our property. As I finally got the dogs to stop barking I heard a car engine starting…. thinking it was someone stealing one of ours we rushed to the window to see a flat back vehicle drive slowly up the road and stop outside Winlea.

I kept watching as Mr R started to get dressed. A male (and it was) dressed in dark clothing with a torch returning from the direction of Winlea got in it and drove off.

We couldn’t get the Vrm details. We have checked the properties best we could and all seems in order. Circumstances like these can if necessary be reported to the Parish Council or to the Police using 101.

If you do suspect someone is unlawfully in a premises then do not challenge them alone phone 999.

Misses R

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