Where is this?

We have been contacted by  Andrew Fortune of Ilkley with regard to the picture below. In his email Andrew says:

Good morning,

It has been suggested that the attached image produced around 1910 depicts Whittington in the centre foreground.

Click on image to view full size

I wondered whether you could confirm?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Andrew Fortune

In a later email, Andrew suggests that maybe it is Barbon. Frankly, I don’t recognise it as either Whittington or Barbon but there may be someone among our number that has a better idea than me.  The fells in the background should be a clue to someone.

John Keegan

6 thoughts on “Where is this?”

  1. Would require the use of a deal of artistic licence w.r.t the Church
    The tower is in the wrong place and where is Hosticle Lane?

  2. On the assumption that the river is the Lune and that the is towards the East there is only one Church shown on OS Sheet 97 which is situated to the W of the Lune and that is Mansergh but the land does not match the painting to any great extent.

  3. It has been suggested that it is Barbon viewed from KL Golf Course.

    I have my doubts. Firstly the church isn’t due North of the golf course and secondly Barbon Beck is a great deal smaller than the “river” that can be seen to the right of the church.

    Thirdly. Barbon Church is at an elevation of 92m and Eskholme Pike, which is a mere 1.3 km NNW of the church is at an elevation of 307m. The land rises steeply beyond the church up towards Barbon Manor.

    The fells in the picture appear to be much further away than that. However, artistic licence being what it is, who knows?

    Finally. In 1910 the railway line ran immediately to the West of the church and directly towards the viewpoint from which the picture is framed.

  4. This photo of Gressingham was taken yesterday. Bit cloudy but some elements seem to stack up. I’m hoping to obtain a similar shot from the south of Whittington.

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