Whittington Farm Application

A further Planning Application has been submitted in respect of Whittington Farm. It is a “Reserved Matters” Application. I have to admit that I don’t know what such an application is, or why it is required. However The details are as fiollows:

19/00406/REM | Reserved matters application (consisting of landscaping only) for the demolition of existing buildings, erection of 18 dwellings, change of use of barn to a mixed use comprising a dwelling (C3) and a shop/tearoom (A1/A3) and associated landscaping | Whittington Farm Main Street Whittington Carnforth Lancashire LA6 2NX

(Click on links below to open document)
Planning Statement
Hard Landscaping Plan
Soft Landscaping Plan
Hard & Soft Landscaping Details

John Keegan

8 thoughts on “Whittington Farm Application”

  1. John this is where outline permission has been granted, you may, within three years of the outline approval, make an application for the outstanding reserved matters, i.e. the information excluded from the initial outline planning application. This will typically include information about the layout, access, scale and appearance of the development.

    So effectively it is putting meat on the bones of the original proposal.

    Will read in detail and comment accordingly.

  2. Hi,

    Anyone have any idea what is going on with the Dragons Head. The for sale sign has come down. The planning was approved
    12 months ago so they now only have 2 years left to start it.

    Misses R

  3. I believe that there may have been an item on the Agenda for the May Parish Council Meeting.

    Unfortunately, the Agenda hasn’t been made available to the public, yet, so I’m unable to confirm this.

    John Keegan

  4. Gillian Newton, Clerk to the PC, has kindly provided the draft minutes of the 20 May meeting. They contain the following statement under Minute 1454:

    “Dragon’s Head Hotel discussed, Mr Nutter proposes the public house be purchased and managed as a Community Project. Funding is being explored.”

  5. I’ve been in touch with Simon Nutter and explained that the future of the Dragons Head was debated at length at the last PC meeting and that it was agreed that it was highly unlikely that the Village had the ability or funds to become involved.

    However, rather than dismiss his proposal out of hand we would look into the availability of funding.

    I learnt from Simon that the building is NOT listed and that the board is down due to change of agent.

    He has always asked that his offer remain confidential hence my reticence in discussing any figures but I’m happy to discuss the deal further with anyone keen to get involved

    Colin Hall _ Chairman Whittington PC.

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