Whittington Farm Development

The next meeting of the Lancaster City Council Planning Committee is on Mon 19 September at 10:30, in Lancaster Town Hall.

The expected list of attendees can be viewed at: Attendance

This would be the next opportunity for a decision to be announced on the Outline Planning Application 16/00397/OUT in respect of 18 dwellings and the conversion of a barn, to a mixed used Dwelling and Shop/Tea Room.

To view the details of the Application visit: Application details.  To see all the documents in the Application click on the “Related Documents” Tab and then click on the link “View Associated Documents”.  At todays date there are three pages and a total of 70 documents, including all the plans. Note: You can make a comment on the Application by clicking on the “Make a comment” link.

Villagers will be aware that Rural Solutions, on behalf of Whittington Farm, supplied a questionnaire to all properties in the village.

Out of a Parish of 150 properties only 31 bothered to complete and returned the form.  Of those only five households indicated a need to move, either now or within the next five years.  Only two of these were likely to need affordable housing, the others already owned mortgage free properties.  The report on this survey, by the Housing Strategy Officer, Planning and Housing Policy Team. Can be viewed on this blog in full by using this link : Housing Policy Team.

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  1. This application has now been given the Status “Application Permitted”. I contacted the Planning Authority to understand exactly what this means. They replied as follows.

    “Good morning
    ‘Application permitted’ is otherwise known as permission granted.
    I trust you find this of assistance.

    Sam Robinson | Planning & Building Technician
    E: sarobinson@lancaster.gov.uk
    T: 01524 582374
    Planning Advice Team | Regeneration and Planning (Development Management) | Lancaster City Council
    E: dm@lancaster.gov.uk | T: 01524 582950″

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