Whittington Farm Update

The following “Decision Letter” has been issued in respect of the Outline application for the erection of 18 dwellings with associated access and change of use.”

Application No. : 18/01224/VCN
Applicant – John Simm
Proposal – Outline application for the erection of 18 dwellings with associated access and change of use of barn to a mixed use comprising a dwelling (C3) and a shop/tearoom (A1/A3) and Relevant Demolition of the existing agricultural buildings (pursuant to the variation of conditions 2 and 13 on planning permission 16/OQ397/OUT to alter the site layout and remove the play area.

Lancaster City Council hereby give notice that PLANNING PERMISSION HAS BEEN REFUSED for the variation of condition(s) set out in the application dated 20 September 2018, and described above for the following reasons:-

  1. The development by virtue of the layout and house types are considered to significantly erode the architectural interest of the Whittington Conservation Area, and would contrast and detract from the architectural character of the two Listed buildings that frame the site. It is considered that the proposal does not respect the character of the Whittington Conservation Area with respect to the design and would lead to a level of harm on the visual amenity and wider setting of the Conservation Area. The scheme fails to accord to Policy DM31 and DM32 of the Development Management DPD.
  2. The layout and house types do not positively respond to the identity and character of the area by virtue of poor quality design, lack of regard to local distinctiveness and layout. On balance it is considered that the scheme does not accord with Policy DM35 of the Development Management Development Plan Document and Paragraph 130 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Signed: Mark Cassidy:– Date: 8 January 2019

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