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  1. For this valiant attempt to succeed there is a need for people to get their hands dirty, by so doing they will not just improve the appearance of the parish, they will also have the opportunity to meet and chat with their neighbours thereby raising the level of the community.
    Number of volunteers to date seems to be low, particularly from the outlying areas of the parish. If you read this and you care please reply to Caroline’s invitation.

  2. All,

    A big thank you for your support last night and for the upcoming planting session. A big thank you for the apologies from those unable to attend due to prior commitments.

    Initial date to follow for planting.

    Thank you.


  3. Caroline isn’t just a thinker, she is also a doer.

    She makes things happen. OK maybe by gentle persuasion or possibly by arm twisting,

    In the last couple of days it has been suggested to me that the plan is “too many daffodils”. That planting between populace areas is not a good idea.

    Stretches between Newton and Whittington (as an example) do not need daffodils, end to end, but the far more expensive alternative of wildflowers is highly appropriate, but not in year one.

    Caroline recognises that her scheme needs a degree of development, over time, but the starting point is to create a brighter image for those who pass through our rural community.

    John Keegan

  4. Anyone who would like to see how to plant bulbs should watch the first 10 minutes of Gardeners World first broadcast on 13th September as Monty Don goes through the process.

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