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Whittington Parish Council have asked for the following message to be posted on this blog.  I am delighted to be able to do so.

“Good Morning,
I write on behalf of Parish Council and would be obliged if you would post the following on your Village Blog

Over the past few months Whittington Parish Council has faced unprecedented criticism from some residents via what is known locally as the Village Blog.

This criticism has focused on a range of subjects including our inability to re-instate the lost bus service , an increase in the precept, the introduction of a speed monitoring device amongst many others, none being complimentary.

Some comments have been personal and aimed at individual members of the Parish Council and as such are unacceptable.

With this in mind the Parish Council have convened an Open Meeting to be held at 7pm on Monday 20th March, prior to the normal Parish Council meeting.

This will give those in the village who have been particularly vocal via the Blog an opportunity to attend and air their grievances. The meeting will also give the same opportunity for the rest of the village to attend and also comment.

Colin Hall
Vice Chairman”

6 thoughts on “Whittington PC”

  1. Having considered in depth the issues which I have personally raised with the PC I have concluded that an Open Meeting, which anyway merely duplicates the Parish Annual Assembly due shortly, is pointless.

    I have written to Colin Hall referring to my correspondence, going back to June and September of last year, to which the PC have failed to reply. Indeed the PC promised to address the matters I raise, at the November meeting. There is no evidence in the Minutes that they did so, and certainly they have not contacted me.

  2. All ,
    Please take the opportunity to attend this meeting and allow the PC to air their frustrations face to face with those of you who do not agree with the current working practices. Can I just say a big thank you to Mike and Sue who organised the litter picking in the village on Saturday. A big thank you to the Local WI and Village Hall Committee for undertaking tea and coffee duty and setting out the Village Hall. A very productive day that will make a difference to the state of the village. Spring is here, a feel good time of year. If anyone wants a hanging basket with a bracket sorting out and fitting please let me or Simon know and we will sort it out. It will probably be about £30 per one, fitting will be free. There will be no profit made!

  3. Not sure the meeting should be about ‘the PC airing their frustrations’ with those of us that feel let down. It should be for us to ask the PC why they do not communicate with their electorate, the communication being a crucial part of their duty.
    When will we know for sure if this meeting is going ahead? So we can ensure the Lancaster Guardian are present.

  4. Tim,
    It is quite clear that it is on for the 20th. I take your point about the parishioners airing their views, let’s be honest they have been aired publicly via the blog and my point is to enable the PC to air theirs. All is fair in love and war. On a separate and positive note what are your thoughts on the Village tidy up? It was a really good day community spirited event,

  5. This proposed meeting sounds interesting, indeed it has the potential to be positive. So long as it does not drive wedges between members of our community.

    See you next week.

  6. It is rare that I consider a “screeching U turn” to a decision that I have made but, I have reviewed my decision not to attend Mondays meeting and changed my mind as a result of recent events.
    Now that Wi-Fi will be available at the meeting the PC will be able to show exactly the references to items to which they refer.

    People of the opposite opinion will be able to make their references in opposition.

    In time, when a combination of the PC and the Village Hall begin to approach the 20th Century we may have a computer linked display screen that can make such information available to everyone in the hall. In the meantime contributors will need to tell us the date, time and name of the contributor of the item objected to, in order that he/she can be identified accurately on the individual devices of people attending the meeting.

    However, in the meantime it would be constructive if the PC referred to the particular dates, and contributors they object to, on the blog then we will all be able to consider at first hand, the words and background to which they refer, and who’s interpretation is the most accurate.

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