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point-to-pointIt seems that Whittington will no longer host the Vale of Lune Harriers Point to Point each Easter.  The following snippet is hidden in the September Minutes of the Parish Council:

Correspondence Received: Vale of Lune Harriers Point to Point Committee cancellation of future events at Whittington.”

John Keegan

PS.  Just to be sure that the PC Minutes provide an accurate picture I have sent the following message to the Whittington Races – Vale of Lune Point to Point, via Facebook.

Whittington Parish Council report that there will be no more meetings held in Whittington. Can you confirm that?”

I have since received a reply.  See the accompanying Comment.

6 thoughts on “Whittington Point to Point”

  1. Whittington Races – Vale of Lune Point to Point via Facebook:

    Hi, definitely not for 2017. We are still fighting for 2018 but volunteers are hard to come by and the ground needs massive amounts of work after last year’s floods. I will contact the committee and see what decision they have come to. Sarah

  2. John Keegan via Facebook:-

    Many thank’s Sarah. I put the item, from our Parish Council Minutes, on the Village Blog. I’ll put your comment on as well so that villagers are in the picture.

  3. Further to your postings here I have today (14th April 2017) seen a posting on a Point To Point page on Facebook which advertises as For Sale various fences and other equipment used on the the course and Whittinton. The advertiser states that the Vale of Lune Point to Ppint Committee are selling off the items as the Vale of Lune Point to Point has been dispanded.
    It would appear the course will no longer be used.

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