Whittington Railings

Our Parish Council has arrived at one of the most momentous decisions in their recent history.  Having set aside funds to cover the cost of painting the Village “Sight Railings” during the current year they have now decided to ask Parishioners about the colour they prefer.

“Sight Railings” at the corner with Church Street.

The preference is, to use a colour recommended by the Health & Safety Executive as suitable for railings of this nature.  They suggest  the use of a DAYGLO colour.  The available  colours are:

DAYGLO Colour Chart.

It is essential that Parishioners make their views known, before Lunchtime today, by either Commenting on this Blog, by using the PC’s Website, or by emailing the Parish Council’s colour coordinator Cllr. Colin “Dig my Dayglo” Hall at: sellethall@hotmail.com.

Remember – this is URGENT.  Time is against you.

John Keegan


4 thoughts on “Whittington Railings”

  1. Whilst we know the ‘Blue is the colour’ , we would have difficulty seeing the ‘lady in red’ and we all love the ‘green green grass of home’; ‘Mellow Yellow’ for me as this will help in the dusky evenings.

  2. Why is it the responsibility of the Parish to maintain these railings? Or is it because today is April 1st?

  3. The responsibility is historical precedent, the concept of gayglo paint (I had intended to put dayglo but then though gayglo was probably appropriate) falls on the stalwart shoulders of Vice Chairman Hall. The timing was also his.

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