Whittington’s Best Kept Secret

Earlier this year our Parish Council decided that it would improve communication with its constituents by setting up an official parish website.

The web site, would you believe, is now up and running with just a few “trivial” issues in relation to the need to improve communication.

Firstly, how does it improve communication with residents who are not computer users.  Do we even know how many there are?

Secondly, which of the Parish Councillors is responsible for overseeing the web site.

Thirdly, who is responsible for keeping the website up to date.  I believe that the work on the Hutton Roof Road was completed in June accordance with the published timetable but is still shown on the web site.

Finally, Wagtail which I have just received makes no mention of the website, so how are residents even supposed to know of its existence?

So much for improved communication!

As to the events section on the web site – seeing is believing.

Graham Williams

(P.S.  For those who want to view the Parish Council supported website, the address is http://whittington.org.uk/ )

Please ensure you include the .uk otherwise you will re redirected to the website of an evangelical church in Illinois USA – John Keegan)

4 thoughts on “Whittington’s Best Kept Secret”

  1. The website to which Graham refers is still in it’s infancy and there remain a number of errors and omissions that the Administrators have not got round to eradicating, such as:
    1). The Agenda’s for PC Meetings are not published, neither are the supporting documents required by current legislation.
    2). The names of three Parish Councilors are given but not their contact details, therefore parishioners don’t know how to contact their Councillor.
    3). the following “Events” are not included in the calendar for September:
    06 September – Coffee Morning
    20 September – Coffee Morning
    23 September – Lunesdale Surgery Flu Clinic
    29 September – Harvest Supper
    I am sure that the Administrators will pull their socks up and provided the service that they promised.
    John Keegan.

  2. Hi Graham. I volunteered to help set up the website and pretty much all of the work on the site has been done by me.

    With regards to content (or lack of it) – I can only add content that I know about. There is a contact form and email address on the site where people can submit content – so far, there has not been a single submission, other than PC documents and notices from Gillian and Colin Hall. I’ve resorted to adding content from Wagtail, but I haven’t received a copy this month so I’ll need to check the digital version.

    My hope was that various representatives from the PC, Village Hall Committee, Church Groups, etc. would post content themselves, or at least let me know so that I could do it.

    I did submit an item to Wagtail (that was published) telling people about the website – I’m not sure what else I can do?


  3. Hi Jim,
    My sympathy is with you. It was obvious that Kate Manders would be of no use to you, she talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.
    As the wife of a Parish Councilor, and someone knowledgeable in Internet matters, I’m surprised that Pat Close hasn’t assisted you by making a greater contribution.
    I stopped reporting on village functions, and publishing photo’s because nobody else would pull their fingers out and supply text or images.
    After Chris and Hazel left there was no Wagtail reporter in the village. Alison Dawson carried the Editorial Banner for some time but whether there is now a Reporter in the Village I don’t know.
    The PC minutes unfortunately do not reflect what is actually said at meetings, some issues go completely unreported and it’s only by attending that it is possible to find exactly what is discussed.
    I have started removing all PC references from the Whittington Village Website. The drop down Menus no longer have a function but I am slowly working my way through the 78 individual pages that I have to re-code. in order to remove them entirely.
    If the PC do not take the advantage of using your site in order to consult with Parishioners then they are flying in the face of the 2011 Local Government Act as well as the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.
    However the Whittington Village Blog will continue to expound their failings.
    John Keegan.

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