Who Cares? Update

Since my original post I have noticed that action has been taken in some of the areas I highlighted.  This is an improvement.

Unfortunately due to temporarily impaired mobility I have not been able to revisit all the areas I photographed.  For the same reason I have been unable to take a photograph of the garages at the bottom of Hosticle Lane which have been pointed out as an omission from my original post.

I also commented on the work done on the derelict buildings at Low Hall and suggested that recent improvements had been made as a result of comments made at the Parish Assembly.

While this may be true, the action actually followed the intervention of Lancaster City Council after their attention had been drawn to the unsafe state of the buildings.  I have been unable to determine who brought the question to their attention.

While some work has been done at Low Hall the areas adjacent to the lane are both an eyesore and potentially dangerous with a high risk of fire.

It is always possible that the Parish Council may discuss this question at its next meeting  on 19th July.

Graham Williams

3 thoughts on “Who Cares? Update”

  1. I see that Low Hall Barn is now for sale together with two thirds of the tennis courts (Richard Turner). Do I take it from this that the village only owns one third of the tennis court?

    1. The “Village” doesn’t own any of the Tennis Court.

      Originally 40% (nominally, taken from the Land Registry plan) was held in trust as a result of a Conveyance of the land in this title dated 18 March 1986 made between (1) Geoffrey Garnett Mackereth (Vendor) and (2) Sarah Jennifer Blundell, Ruth Mary Mackereth, John David Pinch and Irene Pearson (Trustees) contains the following covenants:-
      This land excludes the section referred to as a Children’s Play Area.
      The Trustees mentioned in (2) where members of the Whittington Youth and Sports Club (defunct).

      On the 04 February 2008 this land was transferred to the PROPRIETOR: ADRIAN WILLIAMS of Tebay House, Main Street, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NX and ALISON DAWSON of 5 Manor Farm, Church Street, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NU and KARAN METCALFE of Holme House Farm, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2DG and HELEN MACKERETH of Low Hall Farm, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NY the trustees of the charity known as The Village Hall Whittington.

      Alison Dawson is no longer a Trustee of the Village Hall and in 2008 there were more Trustees of the Village Hall than those mentioned above.

      There is no doubt that the Proprietors of this land are those named. There is however, no certainty that “The Trustees” of the Village Hall have any status in respect of it’s ownership.

      The Village Hall holds a sum of £4,650 (plus accrued compound interest) which Eric Pelter claims was put into their Trust by Sarah Jennifer Blundell, a further sum having been gifted to a Children’s organisation represented by Adrian Williams and others. It is essential that Eric produce the transfer document confirming this statement before it can be given any credence.

  2. It is worth adding that there is a Covenant on the land originally transferred to the Whittington Youth and Sports Club in the following terms:

    “”THE TRUSTEES HEREBY JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY COVENANT with the Vendor with the intent so as to bind as far as practicable the property hereby conveyed into whosoever hands the same may come and to benefit and protect the Vendors adjoining property that they the Trustees and their
    successors in title will not use the property hereby conveyed other than for the recreational purposes of the Club”

    “NOTE: The “Club” referred to is the Whittington Youth and Sports Club.”

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