Who said this?

Photo courtesy of Claire Bates Photography.

“The Church has got to realise its missionary responsibilities. We live in a society, whether that be urban or rural, which is now basically second- or even third-generation pagan once again; and we cannot simply work on the premise that all we have to do to bring people to Christ is to ask them to remember their long-held, but dormant faith … in so many instances we have to go back to basics; we are in a critical missionary situation.”

That was said by the Rt. Rev Gordon Bates.  One time (and much missed) resident of  3  Loyne Park, Whittington.

Whittington is a haven for retired Church of England Clergy so whatever views I may have regarding our Parish Council and the Village Hall Trustees I must assume that a higher authority disagrees with me and keeps sending his most learned advocates.

As recently as February of this year Gordon was making his views known. This is taken from his Wikipedia Page:

“On 11 February 2017, fourteen retired bishops signed an open letter to the then-serving bishops of the Church of England. In an unprecedented move, they expressed their opposition to the House of Bishops’ report  on sexuality, which recommended no change to the Church’s canons or practices around sexuality. By 13 February, a serving bishop and nine further retired bishops — including Bates — had added their signatures; on 15 February, the report was rejected by synod”

I am a Catholic of the Roman variety but I am pleased to have Gordon as my friend, in both life, and on Facebook.

John Keegan.

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