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I never cease to be amazed by the number of visitors that we get on our Whittington Website, and Blog.

In the month of April 2017, there were 952 visitors and the total number since the beginning of the year now stands at 1,858.  The number of monthly visitors has practically trebled over the last couple of years since the Blog was introduced.

Our circulation is now double that of Wagtail, with minimal production costs.

John Keegan

Gerald’s May 2017 Blog

That wonderful man John Haston will be 100 years old this month. Over the years John and his late wife Muriel devoted much of their leisure time on village committees, first helping to raise funds to build the village hall, and later as chairman of the committee. He and Muriel rarely missed an event held in the hall. John was also the chairman of the Horticultural Society which held the annual flower show. It was always the case if you wanted something doing in the village John was always willing to help. I will always have so many happy memories of our work together on the village hall committee and the friends we made running the dances there. Have a very happy birthday John.

Whatever happened to the Solar Farm that was going to be built on Sadler Nook Lane, that promised untold funds for the village? Did they find out that there is not enough sunshine in Whittington, or are there great crested newts in the beck?

Our street had not been swept for at least six months until last week when a sweeper suddenly arrived, the driver must have enjoyed the scenery as for the next two hours he went up and down the street at least ten times. He left the street beautifully clean but surely with all this modern equipment one time up and down should have been enough.

Come along to Whittington Church Heritage day on Sunday 21 May when some of the collection of my Whittington Archive material will be on display, along with old photos, maps, and other items I have collected over the years. I hope to see you there.

Gerald Hodgson

Stagecoach Response

I have spoken with Michael Sanderson of Stagecoach regarding the letter I sent to them on the 05 April. See Link to the letter.  His response to the suggestion was:

First of all, he said there was an element of cost involved in the suggestion, because of extra fuel and drivers time. There was also a possibility of a problem of actually fitting what would be an extended journey within the time constraints.

He didn’t think it was a major problem that people have, at the moment, to wait in Lancaster for three hours between buses (it used to be an hourly service), and he didn’t think there would be a demand for passengers wanting to come into Kirkby from either Whittington or Arkholme for two + hours, and then go back on the 5:50 bus that Kirkby Coach Hire are going to provide.

He didn’t think there would be any passenger demand for that whatsoever.

That was probably everything that he said.  He did, however, add that they will be looking into the running of the existing two school buses and they have already cut down one of them from a double decker to a single decker.  He asked me how many people used the bus that passes through Whittington and I said it was very busy, it is almost full, but I didn’t know about the numbers on the other (Wennington) bus.  He said that in September they will be considering reducing the service to one bus and they don’t want to put a new bus on the timetable in case they have to remove it again in September when they make the decision on this school service.

He suggested that I contact him in September to see if they have made the decision to reduce this service.  If they haven’t they may consider running the bus we suggest.

Duncan Foster

Malicious Complaint

I have received a letter from Lancaster City Council Planning Department acknowledging a complaint, made in my name, about signage at a property in the Arkholme Parish.

I didn’t make the complaint but it was dated about the same time as one anonymous contributor to this Blog was taking issue with comments regarding Newton and Docker.

As they provided fictitious email addresses both in their correspondence with this blog and in their complaint to the Planning Department, one can only assume that they lack the courage of their convictions.

As far as this Blog is concerned it doesn’t matter, providing they are not telling untruths, using inappropriate language, being offensive or anything similar.

In my view making planning complaints in someone else’s name is fraudulent. There were a few people commenting on this Blog back in February who used false email addresses and anonymised names.  In fact, they were all supporters of the work of the Parish Council, but that is probably a coincidence.

I have reason to believe that the person making the malicious planning complaint was one of these people.

Sad isn’t it?

John Keegan

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