The Final Solution

The whole question of dog poo is kicking off quite a stink, and has been for a couple of years.  It occurs to me that there is one simple solution, which has three elements:

  1. The PC issue a Local Bye-Law prohibiting dogs from using the public right of way located between the Old School and the bungalow.
  2. The PPC ban all dogs from the Churchyard and Graveyard.
  3. Lord Reay bans all dogs from the Long Walk.

This would force all dog walkers to use only the public footpaths.

If footpath fouling persists then CCTV cameras, mounted on cooperating houses, are now so cheap that the village footpaths could be monitored 24 hours a day, and the tapes collected via broadband to be checked by one of the many villagers with more than enough time on their hands.

Just a though!

John Keegan

Digital Shopping

In March 2016 I received the following email from Rev. Andrew Schofield.  I passed it straight on to the Parish Council, for the simple reason that they had decided to invest PC funds in support of B4RN, and as there was a Broadband Hub in the Parish Hall, it seemed logical that the PC would have considered why they had invested this money and to what purpose.  Andrew’s purpose was so eminently logical I was sure that between the PC and the Village Hall, sharing a common Chairman, we would see a take up on this idea with some alacrity.

A year of inactivity having gone by maybe this is the appropriate time to shake the village tree by airing the issue again!

John Keegan

A digital shop for Whittington?

A community computer at Whittington Village Hall would make shopping accessible for everyone!

The withdrawal of bus services through the village and discussion about a village shop focuses attention on those who are not able to go shopping for themselves.

When I was a lad, my mother had a notebook in which she listed all her requirements for the week. She’d take her shopping list to our local shop and in due course the groceries would be delivered to our front door. It still happens, of course, but these days you need a computer.

With a laptop computer at the Village Hall, there could be ‘shopping hours’ when volunteers would shop online for those who aren’t computer literate. Absolutely anyone with a debit or credit card can have an online account with Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury – and for other items, with M&S, John Lewis, Argos and (of course) Amazon.

If it worked, Whittington folk could do their shopping just by walking to the Village Hall!

Andrew Schofield
Holker House

Who Cares? Update

Since my original post I have noticed that action has been taken in some of the areas I highlighted.  This is an improvement.

Unfortunately due to temporarily impaired mobility I have not been able to revisit all the areas I photographed.  For the same reason I have been unable to take a photograph of the garages at the bottom of Hosticle Lane which have been pointed out as an omission from my original post.

I also commented on the work done on the derelict buildings at Low Hall and suggested that recent improvements had been made as a result of comments made at the Parish Assembly.

While this may be true, the action actually followed the intervention of Lancaster City Council after their attention had been drawn to the unsafe state of the buildings.  I have been unable to determine who brought the question to their attention.

While some work has been done at Low Hall the areas adjacent to the lane are both an eyesore and potentially dangerous with a high risk of fire.

It is always possible that the Parish Council may discuss this question at its next meeting  on 19th July.

Graham Williams

Tennis has Landed

I have now been able to bring some clarity over the title to the land comprising the village tennis court and children’s play area.

Children’s Play Area

The children’s play area is the least complex scenario.  On the 31st December 1986 “The Personal Representative of R.C. North, deceased”, Leased the land concerned, for a period of 28 years, to “The Trustees of Whittington Youth and Sports Club”

The Representatives of R.C. North were defined as Susan Hare Kimber and Peter William Trevor Duckworth.  The Trustees of the Youth and Sports Club were defined as Sarah Jennifer Blundell, Ruth Mary Mackereth, John David Pinch and Irene Pearson.

The lease was granted on the payment of £5 by the Trustees of the Sports and Youth Club.

As this lease expired on the 31 December 2014 title to the land has now reverted to Newton Hall Estates.

Tennis Court

It is accepted that the land comprising the tennis court is formed by one section, at the lane end, which is held in private hands and another which is held in the hands of Trustees who’s identity is to be determined.  The following information has been established as a result of a diligent Land Registry Deed Search:

Title (1), at the lane end is registered as LAN27385 and described as: Land Associated with Low Hall, Main Street, Whittington LA6 2NY, being described as Freehold. The area of this Title is 390m2 being 60% of the whole.

  1. On the 14 February 2006 this land was transferred to the PROPRIETOR: TOM CHARLES LAMBERT and SUSAN ELIZABETH LAMBERT of Brown House, High Street, Ingleton, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 3AB.

Title (2) is registered as LAN64544 and described as Land at Low Hall Farm, Main Street, Whittington (no postcode given). It is also described as Freehold. The area of this Title is 260m2 being 40% of the whole.

  1. On the 04 February 2008) A Conveyance of the land in this title dated 18 March 1986 made between (1) Geoffrey Garnett Mackereth (Vendor) and (2) Sarah Jennifer Blundell, Ruth Mary Mackereth, John David Pinch and Irene Pearson (Trustees) contains the following covenants:-
    1. This land excludes the section referred to as a Children’s Play Area.
  2. On the 04 February 2008 this land was transferred to the PROPRIETOR: ADRIAN WILLIAMS of Tebay House, Main Street, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NX and ALISON DAWSON of 5 Manor Farm, Church Street, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NU and KARAN METCALFE of Holme House Farm, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2DG and HELEN MACKERETH of Low Hall Farm, Whittington, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 2NY the trustees of the charity known as The Village Hall Whittington.

Note: Alison Dawson is no longer a Trustee of Whittington Village Hall.  How this effects her position as a Trustee of this section of the land is therefore unclear.

Village Hall Trustees

Clearly the Trustees named in the Land Registry are, in total, not the current Trustees of the Village Hall.

As at July 2017 the following people are registered as Trustees of Charity 521355 – Whittington Village Hall:

  • Eric Pelter
  • Karan Metcalfe
  • Barbara Atkinson
  • Helen Mackereth
  • Andrew Schofield
  • Kate Manders
  • Simon Raistrick
  • Aidrean Williams
  • Darren Jones

Why all the Trustees who were current in 2008 were not named in the Title is unclear.  How this effects the legal and financial responsibilities of the persons actually named is also unclear.

John Keegan

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