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Ornithological Exactitude

If I was a believer in ornithology following human traits then I could be forgiven for believing that what we have here is a gathering of the WIW, otherwise known as the WI of the Wing.

They also have much in common with those Coach Tours that disembark in the Market Sq in Kirkby Lonsdale. 40 elderly ladies and two elderly gentlemen disgorge to enjoy the fleshpots of our Market Town

What is it about equality of the sexes that makes us comfortable with all the blokes dying off first?

Graham Williams.

2019 Litter Picking

The Whittington Annual Litter Pick event is to be held at 9.15am, for a couple of hours, on Sat 23 March.

All equipment will be provided, as well as refreshments, at the village hall.

This is the fourth annual gathering ably organised by the Brigadier.and a great atmosphere on this occasion as well.

Last year over 100 black bin liners of rubbish was collected from the Highways and byways of Whittington so this is a very worthwhile event from which the village truly benefits.

Litter picking volunteers
Colin Hall – Whittington Parish Council.

“Star”tling theft in Whittington

It beggars belief that some, low down, thieving person should sneak around the back of Ian & Barbara Atkinson’s property and half inch the Mercedes Star Bonnet Emblem off Ian’s vehicle.

I am not completely aufait with the necessary procedures for such a dastardly act but, from Ian’s explanation, it would seem that the theft is not a simple straight forward process.

The symbol can be bought on Amazon for £17.99 – it begs me to inquire, “What is the world coming to?”

Is someone expecting a huge demand when the UK finally leaves the EU?


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